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How can working with a small business accountant in Manchester help your business to grow?


Complete service including bookkeeping, payroll, VAT & tax.


Corporation tax, income tax compliance and tax planning.


Monthly payroll processing and pension reporting.

Welcome to Hutton Pike

    Growth is something all businesses want, and this is no different when it comes to small businesses. Whilst your mind may jump to sales, marketing and advertising when it comes to growth, it’s also just as important to get your finances in order to make sure you’re spending and running your small business efficiently, that’s where small business accountants can help.

    So, who do you turn to? As specialist small business accountants in Manchester, we understand the pitfalls and potential struggles other small businesses will face.

    We’ve been working with, offering advice and managing the accounts of small businesses in the Manchester area for over 25 years.

    We provide a high quality service, that’s personal to each business we work with, whether that be a large business, or a small business structure.

    As small business Accountants Manchester, we can offer you and your business the time and resource to help you focus on what your good at.

    The small accounting firm you can trust

    When working with small business owners we understand the importance of tailored financial advice.

    The advice you receive as a sole trader or business enables you to make business decisions that can ultimately effect the future of your business and your life.

    As a small business accountancy firm ourselves we understand the importance of knowing every part of your business, including your finances, and we build relationships with our clients and enjoy offering them the most appropriate accounting services to help them grow.

    Neil Hutton, Founder & CEO

    Hutton Pike Founder and Director, Neil Hutton Founder & CEO initially trained in a small practice, Neil then moved to Levy Gee (and Numerica) where he specialised in taxation advisory services for small businesses and high net worth individuals, helping them to be tax efficient.

    As a dedicated accountant Neil’s background and experience is now being applied to small businesses across Manchester.

    This could prove invaluable to you and your business whether you are starting out, growing or looking for a timely exit strategy.

      “Neil was always on hand to offer support, and his extremely knowledgeable advice on all areas of finance but most importantly his expertise in tax law. I had the opportunity to call on his expertise again, this time as a client when I briefly set up my own business. Neil was both helpful and patient with my mum and me. I would have no hesitation to recommend Neil and use his services again!”

      Accountancy Services 

      “Neil is a great asset for our business, providing expert, accurate help with all things financial. Reports are delivered on time and he ensures we stay in control of the books.“

      At Hutton pike we offer small business accountants Manchester services across the North West to a wide range of clients. Our services include:

      • Accountancy Services

      • Bookkeeping Services

      These tasks are vital to a business but can be time-consuming, stressful and sometimes mundane. We take this off your hands so that you can spend time running your business.

      Keep on top of your finances

      We offer complete accountancy services including bookkeeping services, taxation services including tax return, payroll, VAT compliance, corporation taxation and more.

      We also offer online cloud-based simple online accounting software such as Xero and Quickbooks to help you keep on top of finances.

      We provide a full payroll service that includes processing the monthly payroll and pension reporting.

      We also complete the year end submissions for you including the submission of benefits in kind, P11D forms.

      • Payroll Services

      • VAT Compliance

      • Corporation Tax

      • Income Tax Compliance


          Maximise efficiencies

          The preparation of annual income tax returns and corporation tax returns is an annual inconvenience for our clients.

          At Hutton Pike we ensure this is compliant with HMRC and encourage clients to focus on their tax affairs and potential for tax planning.

          • Tax Services

          Tax is a critical factor affecting you and your business and it is vital to maximise efficiencies that could save significant sums of money. Tax planning should be key to the business management strategy.

          • Benefits & Pension Plans

          • Retirement Planning


              Manchester Small Business Accounting Specialists 

              Book a free consultation


              At Hutton Pike our focus has always been helping entrepreneurs and small businesses with their business and our accounting services provide a comprehensive solution that fits all of your needs.

              You can book a free 30-minute consultation with us today.

              The consultation is booked at a time of your choice and is a free, no obligation chat. Schedule an appointment – Hutton Pike


              How much does an accountant cost for a small business UK?

              As small business accountants ourselves we understand the financial pressures that small businesses feel, that’s why we keep our costs at a level which supports your business, with no hidden costs.

              Our support services are bespoke and tailored to your business. Schedule an appointment to discuss your requirements.

              How do I find an accountant for a small business UK?

              When choosing an accountant there are a number of factors that need to be considered.

              • The qualifications of the accountant.
              • The experience of the accountant, especially with businesses of a similar nature to yours.
              • The specific specialisms of the accountant.
              • The willingness of the accountant to offer business growth advice.
              • Any other added benefits the accountant will bring to your business.
              • Relationship and rapport you have with the accountant.

              Accounting for Small Businesses – The Perks

              Working with Hutton Pike can eliminate the time you spend preparing accounts, so your time will be spent on things you enjoy such as family time.

              What tax does a small business pay?

              The business accounts and taxes your small business pays differs from one entity to another. Failure to comply with business taxation could have a serious impact on your tax bill.

              “Neil is a highly knowledgeable, patient and thorough accounting professional who took the time to speak to me about my accounting needs and tax return jitters. As a young business, I had little applied experience or knowledge of tax but Neil was insightful, generous and very considerate of my situation. He gave me some fantastic guidance and already my trust in him is absolute. He’s a genuine professional who is clearly in the game partly to help people and make their lives easier.“

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